mailserv — the OpenBSD mailserver


The mailserv mailserver aims to be a solid, stable mail server for small to medium business and organisations. It's a combination of a solid stable base operating system, OpenBSD, with best of breed open source components to make up the complete mail server.

Some of the features include:

How to install

Please install a base OpenBSD system, with at least these packages:

The installer assumes that the system is clean, that you don't have any other packages already installed.

When the system has installed and you've rebooted, and logged in as root on the cli. Please run the following:

export PKG_PATH=`uname -r`/packages/`uname -m`/
pkg_add git
cd /var
git clone git://

The installer should be pretty self explanatory. Basically, it will:

How to Upgrade

The normal upgrade procedure is documented at the Upgrading wiki.

To upgrade from the AllardSoft Mailserver, please follow this guide:

Step by step guide for upgrading from the AllardSoft Mailserver (4.7.6), please follow this link.

Support and Documentation

Support and documentation is available through these resources:

Commerical Support

Although no official commercial support is available, there are other options. Please see the commercial support page for more details.


Feel free to fork the project if you want to make something that takes it off the core path (such as porting it to another platform), or checkout the code, and create a pull request if you've added something that would be useful for more people. Reasonable, well formatted with test cases included requests will be included in the base code.