mailserv — the OpenBSD mailserver

Allardsoft Mailserver End of Life

As of 1st of June, 2011, the Allardsoft Mailserver is end of life.

You have been redirected here from a previous Allardsoft Mailserver page. Mailserv is the direct continuation from the Allardsoft Mailserver and the recommended upgrade path. It is not a direct identical replacement. The main difference being that the Mailserver was a commercial product and Mailserv is open source with no official commercial support available.

End of Life mini FAQ

Do I have to upgrade?

The last version of the Mailserver was 1 year old as of the 1st of June, 2011. That means that the operating system and all critical components including antivirus engine and antispam engine hasn't been updated in a year. It is therefore strongly recommended that you upgrade. It doesn't have to be to upgrade to Mailserv, but you should move your mail to something.

Will the Mailserver still work?

Yes, nothing will happen to existing Mailservers. You can continue to run them for as long as you like. It won't be possible to install new Mailservers as the license server has been turned off.

Is there commercial support available for Mailserv?

There have been some interest from companies and individuals that are capable of providing commercial support. Their details have been captured on the commercial support page.

Can I upgrade my Mailserver demo (without a license) to Mailserv?

As you won't be able to login to the console, the best way is to setup a new Mailserv installation, and configure your users with accounts on the new server. They can simply drag and drop between the servers for the mails they want to keep.